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Grinnell named "Best Bloomin' Town In Iowa"

The vibrant flowers in downtown Grinnell recently earned the city the “Best Bloomin’ Town In Iowa” award from Our Iowa magazine.

“The flowers in Grinnell literally spill over the sides of our planters,” said Emily Schmitt, Grinnell Area Chamber of Commerce communications manager. “Visitors often compliment us on the gorgeous flowers in our downtown, so this award is very fitting. Thank you to all the volunteers who care for the beautiful flowers in Grinnell.”

For being named the “Best Bloomin’ Town in Iowa”, Grinnell will receive a plaque and a free quarter-page ad in Our Iowa to tout its new title.

The three-judge panel included Bill Northey, Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture; Dwight Hughes of Hughes Nursery & Landscaping in Cedar Rapids; and Teresa McLaughlin, Director of Reiman Gardens in Ames.

Our Iowa magazine asked Iowans to submit photos that showed their community in full bloom and to tell about their town’s beautification efforts. Four Grinnell residents nominated their hometown.

Grinnell was announced as the recipient of the award in the October/November issue of Our Iowa. Spencer and Fairfield were the other two finalists.